decembrie 10, 2022

Money + power + pleasures = camgirl in the 21st century!

It all started in my early 20s when I was living in Iasi, Romania. I wanted to be financially independent and was looking for a side hustle to earn money.
decembrie 7, 2022

Can you be a camgirl without revealing your identity?

I have been a camgirl for quite many years now. I have been a performer for the adult webcam since my early 20s and became financially independent.
decembrie 4, 2022

My top 4 kinky encounters from the world of webcamming

Simply put, I knew absolutely nothing about the industry and how it worked. I started webcamming when I was in my early 20s, mainly as a way of making some extra cash on the side.
decembrie 1, 2022

Stepping into the world of Adult Webcam!

If a few years back, someone told me that I would be sitting for hours in front of a camera and making a bank, I would have shrugged the person away.
noiembrie 28, 2022

The 7 myths about the webcam industry!

Here, I will be busting some widespread myths utilizing my insider tips about videochat in Romania and camgirls in Iasi.
noiembrie 24, 2022

Finding friends for life in an uncommon space

Having a life in the adult webcam industry and experiencing the sparkles of videochat in Romania has honestly marked the peak of my career trajectory.
noiembrie 23, 2022

Videochat is the salvation of my bored mom’s life.

Being a mother in your 30s is tedious, especially if you live in Romania and aren’t working part-time or full-time.
noiembrie 8, 2022

A Tale Of Being Rich. No Experience Needed.

noiembrie 7, 2022

6 tips in camming to be successful

The adult webcam sector has seen tremendous demand and expansion, which has encouraged many women to enter the field as professionals and be financially independent.